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Level: Beginner
Presenter: Eli the Computer Guy
Course Length: 45 Minutes

Security/ Data Integrity

Purpose of Class

This class introduces you to the basic concepts of computer backups.

Topics Covered

Types of Backups
Media Used for Backing Up Data
Software Used to Backup Data
Online Backup Technologies
Advice for Maintaining Backup Procedures
Class Notes

Types of Backup
Full -- backup everything
Incremental -- backup everything since the last incremental backup
Differential -- backup everything since the last Full backup
Rsync -- backup the bits that have changed in the files
Combined -- modern backup software uses a combination of techniques
Formats of Backup
Bare Metal -- allows you to recover not just files, but the entire operating system
Software Problems -- not all backup software is made the same
Hard Drive
Flash Drive /External
Offsite Backup is a good idea, but no one ever does it.
Microsoft's built in backup has a poor track record
Server vs. Workstation -- The software is different and the Server backup software costs around $600-$1000
Add-ins -- You may need special add-ins for your backup software to backup Microsoft SQL databases or Exchange servers.
Online Backup Solutions
Only backup files, does not do a "bare metal" backup
It can take a long time to backup or recover data
Final Thoughts
Check your log files
Do a test recovery. Download Mp3 Terbaru 2019 full album. Download Mp3 Terbaru ditemukan di website - Download Lagu Terbaru - lagu terbaru dari penyanyi Indonesia

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